Bailan Cronus, a First Regent in the Imperial Legion.

Circaceans (Homo Sapiens Circaceanus) are bipedal humanoids and a subspecies of humans (Homo sapiens). They vary in size and color, much like humans do; having hair ranging in color from blonde to black, height ranging from 5'5" to 6'3", and skin tone ranging from a light beige to a dark brown.

They are the founders of the Circacean Empire


Circaceans originate from the planet Earth; in approximately 500 BC, a group of unknown scientists from the Triangulum Galaxy kidnapped 1000 humans for study. The purpose of their study is unknown, presumably it was to gain information regarding the physiology of humanoids in other galaxies.

The scientists made their way to their home in the Triangulum Galaxy using as yet unknown technology. Upon nearing their return, the ship on which the scientists were held encountered a strange temporal anomaly, this anomaly temporarily disabled the ship, sending it back in time 3000 years.

This same anomaly also allowed the prisoners on board the ship to escape. Killing their captors, the humans eventually settled on a planet they named Terra Nova. Thus began the Circacean species.


The Circacean culture is very strict and highly militaristic. Pre-marital sex is forbidden and every person must be joined (married) to another in order to further the species; needless to say, any forms of homosexuality are considered profane. Children of both sexes are conscripted into the military at age 15 and are required to serve a minimum of 5 years, after which time, they may choose to continue military service or choose another occupation. Military service is, however, considered to be the most desirable, and honorable, occupation.