Circacean Empire
Basic information
Major Species:



Terra Nova


2448 BCE

Warp Capable:

2448 BCE

Official Language:

Circacean (evolved from Latin)

Official Currency:


Political Information

Military Dictatorship


Grand Chancellor

Military Branches:

Circacean Military

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The Circacean Empire is one of the major powers in the Triangulum Galaxy, currently at war with the Mortok Federation.



Circaceans originate from the planet Earth; in approximately 500 BC, a group of unknown scientists from the Triangulum Galaxy kidnapped 1000 humans for study. The purpose of their study is unknown, presumably it was to gain information regarding the physiology of humanoids in other galaxies. The scientists made their way to their home in the Triangulum Galaxy using as yet unknown technology. Upon nearing their return, the ship on which the scientists were held encountered a strange temporal anomaly, this anomaly temporarily disabled the ship, sending it back in time 3000 years.

This same anomaly also allowed the prisoners on board the ship to escape. Killing their captors, the humans eventually settled on a planet they named Terra Nova. Thus began the Circacean Empire.



The Circacean language, called, "Circacean", is the natural evolution of the Latin, exposed to the influence of other cultures. Even though the Circaceans had a Universal Translator, some words started to be used in the current language. Right now, who has studied Latin can understand and speak with a Circacean.


Being most of the kidnapped humans part of a legion, a division of the Roman Army, the Circacean culture started with a strong influence of the military. Right now, every male has to serve the military for a year, and can decide to remain in the military and serve forever the Circacean Empire. No discharge is currently in use, if not for death, or advanced age.