Mori Zari
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Trill (Joined)




2515 (2239)

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182 cm


82 kg





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USS Destiny


Executive Officer

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Commander Mori Zari is the Executive Officer of the USS Destiny, a starship stranded in the Triangulum Galaxy.


Mori Zari as a Joined TrillEdit

Mori Semet was born in Del-Zahed, on Trill, on 19.10.2504. He has always been fascinated with ancient history, and studied as an archeologist. At the age of 26 he was joined to the symbiote Zari; this resulted in his interests shifting in favor of a more active exploration of the galaxy.

He has had a fast career, and at the age of 37 he became, at the Captain's behest, the Executive Officer aboard the USS Destiny. Mori had served under Captain Sampson once before, aboard the USS Malinche where he served as Chief Science Officer for many years.

In 2531 he married a fellow student at the Starfleet Academy, the Denobulan Vekhari Kataran. His husband was killed in action when a plasma conduit blew his face in 2537.

The Symbiote ZariEdit

The symbiote Zari was born in 2239 on Trill. This is a short list of his past hosts. Dates refer to birth, joining and death.

Kaled Mitani (2215-2240-2268): brilliant chemist and founder of a influent Exo-Epidemiology school on Trill. He spent the last four years of his life in isolation from the world because, he claimed, "of the smell".

Mitel Norr (2244-2268-2274): officer of the Eco-Security Force. She was killed at very young age in a car accident. She was, also, very fond of insects, and an almost perfect musician.

Nethun Kole (2249-2274-2341): the longest host of Zari, he was a influential writer, thinker, and he represented his home planet for more than twenty years in the Federation Council. He was a strenuous defender of peace.

Xen Silomai (2318-2341-2393): a Starfleet Captain. He served in the Dominion War, fought the Borg, the Romulans and the Klingons. He had a tormented marital life, spanning four wives and four kids who died before him. He was killed by a rogue Breen.

Felle Predente (2370-2393-2431): a theoretical physicist. She became well known to the public, but mainly because of her bad manners and harsh critics of the President of the Federation. Her studies on the triple-meson subspace interaction are still today recognized as crucial to the understanding of type-IV subspace entanglement.

Nyil Redyn (2407-2431-2451): trained as a biologist and a genetist, he was working on the planet Armagersa when the Rekali troups attacked in 2436. Drown into the Third Federation-Rekali war (a minor conflict, actually), he became a black ops agent. His experience completely change Zari's perception of life and peace, and he never discusses them. He was murdered.

Sibes Renes (2429-2451-2499): a long-range trader. Being accepted for joining was a surprise for her, but she would later conclude that it was a way for the symbiote to redeem himself and start from zero after his troubled former host. In her later life she became a humanitarian worker.

Della Sil-de-Zetani (2474-2499-2541): a professor of history and comparative religions. She became head of the Dr'gavilyi University on Andoria. Despite her involvement in an extraconiugal scandal - she had an affair with the wife of the Andorian Education Minister - her reputation is untainted and immaculate.

Mori Semet (2504-2530-): archeologist turned Starfleet officer, presently XO aboard the USS Destiny.



2531-2535: Starfleet Academy

2535-2536: USS Perim-Wang, Ensign, Junior Anthropologist

2535-2538: USS Perim-Wang, Lieutenant JG, Anthropologist

2538-2540: Thassia III Research Site, Lieutenant JG, Archeologist

2540-2543: Thassia III Research Site, Lieutenant, Site IV Archeology Responsible

2543-2546: USS Perim-Wang, Lieutenant, Anthropology Responsible

2546-2549: USS Malinche, Lieutenant Commander, Chief Science Officer and Second Officer

2549-2552: USS Malinche, Commander, First Officer


2339: Altair Science Commission Award for Young Scientists

2345: Jols Order of Science

2346: Commanding Officer Letter of Recognition