The Triangulum Galaxy as seen from afar

The Triangulum Galaxy (or M33) is a Spiral Galaxy and the third largest object in the Local Cluster after Andromeda (of which it is a satellite) and the Milky Way. It is located at 3 million light years from the Alpha Quadrant at it's closest point.

In 2364, the USS Enterprise-D was hurled to the far side of the Triangulum Galaxy by the Traveler during warp field tests; after reversing engines, the ship emerged in the vicinity of a giant protostar in the process of formation.

Calculations indicated that a return trip to the Milky Way from Triangulum, using maximum warp speed, would take over three hundred years. A subspace radio message, sent from the Triangulum Galaxy to Starfleet Command, took approximately fifty-one years to to arrive in the year 2415.

In 2552, the USS Destiny passed through an Ion storm while field testing their prototype Gravity Drive, sending them millions of light years away, to the Triangulum Galaxy.

The Triangulum Galaxy is home to a huge number of species, amongst which Circaceans, Mortok and Noma.

Places of interestEdit

A list of places of interest in the Triangulum Galaxy, both visited by the USS Destiny and not.

  • The supermassive central Black Hole, named X-Triangulum in Federal astronomy and called Big Bob by inhabitants of the Triangulum Galaxy.
  • The Dead Patch, a mysterious 2'500 cube light-years area that contains roughly 80 stellar systems, none of which is inhabitable. There are, on the other hand, several planets that used to be inhabited. All attempts to found colonies in that region also have so far failed. Its origin is rumored to be a natural phenomenon but is unsure.