USS Destiny
Technical Details



NCX 910236

Commission Date:

March 3, 2552

Commanding Officer:

Gregory Sampson



Dedication Plaque
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The USS Destiny was a Destiny-class Federation starship launched in 2552 under the command of Captain Gregory Sampson. This vessel is noted for its unscheduled voyage through the Triangulum Galaxy, which was the second exploration of that Galaxy (after the USS Enterprise-D in 2364). She was the first ship equipped with the revolutionary Gravity Drive


Construction and Launch

The Destiny was the first ship of it's class and having been constructed at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards orbiting Mars, was launched from Utopia Isis on stardate 213805.5.

The starship Destiny's principle technology was the Gravity Drive, a new experimental propulsion technology which was allowed the starship to jump instantaneously from one point in space time to another.

Another revolution in starship engineering was the Omega Transmission Relay, which replaced the Electro-plasma systems of previous centuries.

The Destiny also incorporates further refined holographic technology into all of it's systems; holographic emitters are present throughout the entire ship, which enable the use of holographic computer consoles, replacing the standard touch-sensitive displays of previous centuries.

First Mission

On the Destiny's maiden voyage, she set out to a remote area of space in the Delta Quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy, in order to, for the first time, test the Gravity Drive on a fully manned starship.

When testing the gravity drive, there was an ion storm present at what seemed to be a safe distance. When fired up, the gravity drive attracted the ion storm with unprecedented force, which caused the ion storm to make contact with the destiny, causing malfunctions throughout the ship, namely in the navigational computer. This caused the Destiny to make their gravity jump into an unknown area of space: the Triangulum Galaxy.


While in the Triangulum Galaxy, the Destiny made contact with many new species, namely the Circaceans, a militaristic race bent on galactic domination, and the Mortok, a reptilian species, at war with the Circaceans to secure their freedom from oppression.


Captain Gregory Sampson - Commanding Officer
Commander Mori Zari - Executive Officer
Lieutenant JG Greus Suneuse - Chief Flight Control Officer
Susan Stark, MD - Chief Medical Officer